Gastrin is a peptide hormone produced by mucosal G cells of gastric antrum. Gastrin levels are pathologically increased in Gastrinoma, Gastric outlet obstruction and Hypo / Achlorhydria. This assay is used to investigate patients with Achlorhydria / Pernicious anemia and Zollinger- Ellison syndrome. The assay is extremely useful in the diagnosis of Gastrinoma.

  • Pre-test Information:

    Patient should strictly avoid drugs like Aldomet (Alpha methyldopa), Labetalol, Isoproterenol, Isoetharine, Alpha-one blockers, Aminophylline, Amphetamines, Ampicillin, Beta-blockers, Ephedrine, Imipramine, Nicotine, Phenacetin, Theophylline, Phenothiazine, Vasodilato(Minoxidil, Nitrates & Hydralazine), Aspirin, PAS, Alpha-2 agonists, Bromocriptine, Calcium channel blocke(long term use), L-dopa, Cimetidine, clofibrate, MAO inhibitors, Propranolol, Penicillin, Reserpine, Thyroxine, vigorous exercise, severe stress and cigarette smoking at least 72 hrs before and during specimen collection.

  • Report Delivery:

    Sample by Mon / Thu 4 pm; Report Same day